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November 2010

  • Questions Parents Frequently Ask About IEPs, "GIEPs," and "Section 504 Plans"
  • Quick Tips: Are You Ready to be an Effective Advocate for Your Child at School?  Take Our Five-Minute Quiz.
  • From the Legal Desk: How Parents Can Use a "Gebser Letter" to Help Get the School to End Bullying.

October 2010

  • Quick Tips: Questions Parents Frequently Ask Us
  • Time for a "Fall Checkup?"  Five Simple Steps to Help Get Your Child on Track for a Successful School Year
  • From the Legal Desk: May a Parent Tape-Record IEP Meetings?

July 2009

  • Supreme Court hits two home runs for kids in June
  • The schools' use of confinement rooms: controversy; possible changes in the law and tips for parents
  • Service spotlight: Elks home Service program helps special-needs kids and parents

May 2009

  • Parents' Most Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education
  • Information You Can Use In The Pa Education Regulations
  • "BECS" - Another Useful Source Of Special Education Information

April 2009

  • The 5 Biggest "IEP" Mistakes Parents Make - And How to Avoid Them
  • Supreme Court Sends a Message on Peer-on-Peer Sexual Harassment at School
  • Graduation from High School Generally Ends Your Child's Right to Receive Special Education

February 2009

  • Does a parent have the right to tape record an IEP meeting?
  • The new "policy" on bullying.
  • Did your IEP team meet the "ESY" deadline?

January 2009

  • Can the School District Charge for Copies of Your Child's Records?
  • The NOREP: Prompt Action may be Required to Avoid Losing Important Legal Rights.
  • Food for Thought: Increasing Student Involvement in School Conferences

December 2008

  • The "Statute of Limitations" under IDEA 2004 - What Every Parent Should Know.
  • Do You Need a Non-attorney, Education Advocate?
  • A Short History of Special Education Law - and the Parent as "Missing Link"
  • Use "Annotated" Forms to Better Understand Key Documents

November 2008

  • How to Get What Your Child Needs Without Going to Due Process (Part II)
  • "CASSP" Services for Children with Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Health Problems
  • Special Education "Podcasts"
  • Four Quick Facts on Due Process in Pennsylvania

October 2008

  • How to Get Needed Services at School and Avoid "Due Process"
  • "Fifteen Things about Me": Finding New Ways to Communicate with the School
  • Visiting your Child's Classroom
  • What You Need to Know about Evaluations and Reevaluations

September 2008

  • Get Ready for School!
  • Estate Planning for your Special Needs Child
  • Extended School Year
  • Will Recent Changes in the State Regulations Affect You?

May 2008

  • Step 1: Get Organized
  • Step 2: Learn the File
  • Step 3: Understand the IEP
  • Step 4: Plan for Success at the IEP Meeting

December 2007

  • Special Education Deadlines, FAPE -- The Amy Rowley Story
  • Understanding Your Child's Test Results
  • School Discipline, Suspensions and Expulsions

November 2007

  • The annotated IEP
  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Are You Connected?
  • Simple Advocacy Tools
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